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how to fish a chatterbait

Find a chatterbait with a stainless steel blade. This soft jerkbait is an ideal bladed jig trailer year round, but it really shines in summer, fall and winter when bass feed mainly on shad. This is the main benefit of this bait and technique. When fishing a chatterbait in thick vegetation, it is good to fish the tops of the grass and wait for the bass to emerge from gaps in the vegetation to strike your chatterbait. The chatterbait should jump off the tops of the weeds and then slowly settle back. Chatterbait fishing during winter is not easy because the fish have migrated from the shallow ends to the beds. During this time, fish your chatterbait on the weed lines. Bass fishing with a chatterbait lure can be an incredibly rewarding experience guaranteed to get you some action on lakes all around the country. Excited to catch that bass? Catching fish on ChatterBaits, that's the topic of today's video. The craw is an ideal trailer for many occasions but probably works best in dirty water situations. This will attract some bass who are enticed by the chase and think a baitfish is trying to escape. When you prematurely set the hook on every little bump, you may be actually taking the chatterbait out of striking distance from bass lingering nearby. We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! When retrieving it, the blade gives a chatter sound and vibration. If it gets heavier and feels like a fish, go ahead, and set the hook. Because it’s a versatile lure, you can fish it both on the surface or underwater. Give each lure some time to work its magic before switching it off. Line size and type will depend on the cover and fishing conditions. When to Fish a Chatterbait or Vibrating Jig. We’re looking at the best baits at each price, the best trailers to create the profile and action you need, and the knowledge to put it all together. Be the first to rate this post. The Chatterbait itself has plenty of action and vibration for attracting bass, yet you can add more bulk, buoyancy and action to the lure with a plastic trailer attached to the bladed jig. Fishing Command is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,,, and other Amazon stores worldwide”, How to Fish a Chatterbait (Bladed Swim Jig) For Bass, Best Saltwater Spinning Reels for The Money, Understanding the Different Types of Fishing Reels, How to Set Up a Baitcasting Reel Properly. A Chatterbait fished alone will catch lots of bass, but adding a soft plastic trailer will enhance your chances of catching even more fish. The Chatterbait is one of the best bass fishing lures of all time! Red is a great color for early spring bass fishing. Opt for a blade between 0.3–0.6 ounces (8.5–17.0 g) or else it could block the bait and the fish. So why is one guy consistently catching bigger fish on a Chatterbait than everyone else? For your rod, you will want a rod big enough to land trophy size bass and to be able to pull them through thick vegetation. Most anglers will avoid clear water that contains no structure or vegetation. A common mistake anglers make is overthinking the color. This is the first trailer you should try because it will catch both numbers of bass and quality fish. The main difference between the two is that mono is more buoyant and better for surface fishing whereas fluorocarbon is denser and will sink more rapidly. Chatterbait fishing is exciting, productive, and will fill your boat with fish. It happens! Many anglers then will overreact and prematurely set the hook. Most pro anglers prefer a long rod around 7 feet in a medium to medium-heavy with a parabolic action. Wired2Fish caught up with ChatterBait expert, Brett Hite, for a detailed tutorial on how to fish heavy ChatterBaits in offshore environments for big bass relating to flats, ledges and even deep grass. In mid to late summer, if you happen to come across a rock bed, or bed of mussels, go ahead and put on a heavier chatterbait and fish that lake bottom. What is a Chatterbait? Overall, the hookset with a chatterbait is really simple. Fish in and around the fallen trees and logs but be careful not to snag. I'm going to literally drag it across the bottom just fast enough to get that blade moving side to side, dragging it across the bottom, knocking off any structure that's down there. Reel in your chatterbait quickly enough to keep it moving quickly right below the surface of the water. The Chatterbait has the blade attached directly to the eye of the hook. Thread the chatterbait: Take the fluke or soft plastic swimbait and let it face the chatterbait. However, you do not want something so big you are unable to sense smaller bites. Slower techniques using various different bass rigs are a lot more effective in colder months. My next favorite way to fish and Chatterbait, the finesse way to fish a tad bait slow and low. But first, let's explain what they are. Learning how to fish chatterbait highly important. 1. ChatterBaits come in a host of sizes and styles, but some are designed for bass fishing. Take your time and work the entire wood structure with precision. Green pumpkin chatterbait will look very natural in the water because the color contrasts with the dark green trailer or the grass below the waters. If you are shallower than 6 feet, doing surface fishing, or your heavier jigs are getting caught up in the vegetation, then a ⅜ or ¼ ounce chatterbait should be your go-to. Different water conditions and different structures call for different behaviors when fishing a chatterbait. The rattling sound is what draws fish to this lure. Instead, if you feel a bump, increase your reeling speed for a few turns without moving your rod, and you should easily be able to feel it get heavier or loosen up from the weeds. Bass will gobble up small fish that suck algae and tiny organisms from these shells, which only serve to accentuate the erratic movement and sound of the blade jig as it caroms off of each shell. If used properly, you may never go back to other types of bass fishing. Do not get into the habit of doing the slow retrieve technique and never varying speed or adding a little twitch here and there. Switch it up a little bit and bring a little excitement to the movement of your chatterbait. How to rig them, and then what kind of equipment to use, and then from there, I wanna show you different ways of fishing the ChatterBait. You also need to know the ideal situations for fishing with chatterbaits. Many different rod and reel combinations will suffice for bass fishing with a chatterbait (aka Bladed Swim Jig) . If your bass waters feature shell beds on the bottom, drag your chatterbait across the shells in shallow water during spring and summer. The name of the game is all about versatility and accepting the reality that as anglers, being versatile and flexible is a necessity for this sport and hobby. If you were going to carry just one bladed jig, the ChatterBait Jack Hammer would be a great choice. Check this video below of someone fishing a green pumpkin chatterbait. If the weed line falls near a drop-off, even better. This attribute is what makes chatterbait more efficient as a lure. Try out a few different colors throughout a day of fishing to see what works. Once you got your spot, place your things and prepare to fish. Below are our recommendations for which types of chatterbaits you should purchase. If using a spinnerbait is not working, you can try to learn another method and one of the most effective means is to know how to fish a chatterbait. You should feel your chatterbait bouncing off the top of the weeds. You can use them in almost any situation. This mimics that a baitfish might be dying and would make an easy target for large bass. The trailer is also ideal for Chatterbaits when you want to fish the blade jig in vegetation because the grub is streamlined and glides through the grass. Downed trees and submerged logs make excellent hiding places for large bass. Later into the spawning season, fish the drop-offs located near the perimeter of the spawning beds. Bass fishing with a chatterbait lure can be an incredibly rewarding experience guaranteed to get you some action on lakes all around the country. Pearl, pink, or white chatterbaits are excellent for early summer. When fishing a lake or pond that tends to have smaller fish in it, under 2 pounds, trimming your chatterbait skirt will make it more compact. The first and most important step to chatterbait fishing is the setup. It also greatly imitates a crawfish scooting across the bottom. It will keep the chatterbait in the water depth you desire but at the same time, it allows you to move the bait freely and quickly when needed. This is a mistake. How to Fish a Chatterbait: Setting the Hook and Landing a Bass From a Kayak. Going Pro with Chatterbait Fishing. Now that you have a proper setup for your chatterbait rig, you know when and where to fish for bass, but how should you move your chatterbait through the water? He didn’t have to think about setting the hook, as fish practically ripped the rod from his hands. The blade on the top of the chatterbait sends vibrations through the water as it's reeled in. By design the blade needs to wobble back and forth striking the head of the Chatterbait. Chatterbait is a versatile fishing lure that allows you to retrieve it in many different ways. Tight lines! However, there are few exceptions when trimming your chatterbait skirt can lead to more fishing catching. Ah, the rod. Use a stainless steel blade shaped like a hexagon so it wobbles more in the water. In the fall, bass move to shallower water, and vegetation begins to thin out. The weight of the chatterbait depends on what depth you are trying to fish, and how thick the vegetation is. Chatterbaits and Spinnerbaits are both giant bait categories worthy of individual videos … A Chatterbait fished alone will catch lots of bass, but adding a soft plastic trailer will enhance your chances of catching even more fish. TACKLE USED: Black and blue chatterbaits work well on cloudy days and in murky water. So the combination is effective in both cold and hot water because it can be slow-rolled or dead-sticked to tempt lethargic bass into biting. A variety of soft plastics including toad-style baits, paddletail swimbaits and beaver-style baits can be attached to a Chatterbait, but here’s a look at three of the best trailers to enhance a bladed jig. Chatterbait Bottom Hopping Another tactic you can use while bottom fishing is hopping the chatterbait. Let us take a closer look at the chatterbait, how to set up a chatterbait rig, when and where to use it, and how to move it through the water. Depending on the time of year or the weather conditions, fish will strike a chatterbait differently. This is the trailer I use most frequently on my bladed jig to give the lure some added length and increased tail action. The closer the blade is to the head the better the action. How to Fish a Chatterbait. Whether you are fishing the chains of lakes in the upper Midwest or hitting honey holes in southern Arkansas, the chatterbait is used by both amateur and professional anglers alike. During spawning season, bluegill bait is the recommended one where it can catch largemouth fish. If you go with a fluorocarbon fishing line, then anywhere from 15-20 lb test will suffice. Are you the guy that’s catching them or the guy that’s wondering why someone else is? The action of the lure also is a bit unique and mimics baitfish trying to run away. It can be used in a number of different situations and in this post, I’m going to be talking about how to properly fish a chatterbait.. A chatterbait is simple a jig with a blade attached to it which is designed to create a bunch of movement in the water. The Best Way To Fish With Chatterbait. Its easy to use, even beginners catch bass on them. A craw attached to a bladed jig moves more water allowing the combo to work on a slow retrieve. Slowly reel in your chatterbait making sure to keep it submerged at a depth directly on top of the vegetation. A medium-sized rod ranging from 6.5 feet to 7 feet will suffice. To do this, just raise the rod tip sharply, then reel it in slowly as you drop the rod tip back down. In the summer, you will notice vegetation becomes its thickest and can take over large portions of bays, lagoons, and shallow spots in any particular lake. How to Fish a Chatterbait. This bait screams to the fish, “I’m here, eat me!” You will really get the trophy fish to strike if you throw it at night. This will help smaller fish eat the lure better leading to more fish catching. However, if wood is present the the better choices will be spinnerbaits in muddy water and swim jigs in clear water. One … You will want to use the appropriate rod, reel types, and suitable fishing line to land some monster bass. I wanna walk you through a little bit about the different types of ChatterBaits, different sizes, different colors, that sort of thing. For bass anglers, chatterbaits are highly popular fishing lures. Privacy Policy | Affiliate Disclosure | Contact | Blog | About. This will help your setup manage larger bass and even the occasional Northern Pike has a go at your chatterbait. As you become more experienced, you may find other combinations more suitable to your style and comfortability. The key things here are to make sure you keep the vibrations going as you raise the bait. Move in a bit shallower and find gaps in the vegetation and fish those gaps. Sometimes you need to opt for something just a little different to tackle a niche situation. This style of trailer works best as a finesse presentation of a Chatterbait when bass are finicky due to fishing pressure or clear water conditions. Chatterbait fishing is particularly effective when bass make their seasonal moves towards more shallow holding areas. How Do You Fish A Chatterbait? For our setup, we prefer a baitcasting reel with a minimum of 6 stainless-steel ball bearings and a magnetic braking system. The ultralight tip will give you the sensitivity you need to feel the smaller bites, while the medium action rod will give you the girth and strength you need to hull in larger fish through thick vegetation. Many anglers put their fishing gear away during winter, but you can still catch fish during winter if you can brave the cold weather. When you reel quickly through the grass as I just mentioned, the lure pops out of the grass nearly every time without fouling. Fishing a chatterbait in the spring is one of the most effective lures you can use because it’s so versatile. You can also add more color to your Chatterbait by attaching a plastic trailer in a contrasting hue. Chatterbaits are also a great choice for any water clarity. Go to the fishing spot: Setting up the place to fish is virtually important as having the right lure or color. Remember which colors work best in which water conditions and for which times of the year. They’re extremely versatile. Toss out a chatterbait and see what happens. Fishing chatterbaits are a good idea all year, however, how you fish them in different environments and times of the year changes. The best way to fish a chatterbait is in and around heavy weed cover, over gravel beds and over the tops of submerged trees. We'll answer that below! The foundation of your chatterbait setup. Fishing line selection is important, however, do not get too overwhelmed with your decision. Throw it around shallow cover such as rocks, grass and stumps to catch bass ambushing baitfish. We recommend that you use the 3/8 or about 5/8 ounce chatterbait. Baitfish naturally accumulate in and around the vegetation near the dock as well as under the dock and near the posts. Again, it is good to try out different colors, throw on a crawfish every once in a while, however, let the chatterbait work and give your lure some time to show whether it is going to be a producer for you that day or not. If you want to take a deep dive into the different styles of fishing lines and how they are tested, including results, check out this article from our friends over at Again, while doing a slow retrieve, continuously twitch and flicker your rod tip to make the chatterbait dance and move in unpredictable motions. These newly popular jigs have been cleaning up big bass in the shallows, and winning bass fishing tournaments. For fishing in the 6-10-foot range, a ½ ounce chatterbait works best. Determine the color and size to use.

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