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can you glaze over wax

Poorboy’s World Black Hole Show Glaze for Dark Vehicles 32 oz. In that scenario, a glaze or dark wax is your friend. But in my experience, applying dark wax well in a way that looks appropriate to a piece is an acquired skill that comes with practice. If you waxed something and you want to change the look, you must remove it with a mineral spirit before you paint. Fusion doesn’t require sealing with wax, but sometimes you want to add a little more sheen or color. Glaze doesn’t add any additional sheen, and can’t be buffed. You will have to remove the wax or the paint will not adhere. 9 February, 2015 at 10:51 pm. Also, I’ll share how I’ve used glazes and dark waxes to solve some common issues I’ve encountered with furniture pieces I’m painting. These give us a clue on how these will perform when used. I love adding detail painting to pieces, but am always a little wary that it may turn out looking slightly childish . The one on the left has no glaze, the one on the right does. You can brush the wax over your project in any pattern. But adding clear wax first or mixing clear in with your dark will help you remove the extra dark wax if necessary. Personally, I like working with a glaze more than a wax because I find it is smooth going on and provides a more uniform aged look. Sometimes the brown in the glaze or stain is just enough to warm up those raw wood spots so you don’t notice them quite so much or even at all. So if you are using a chalk type paint that needs to be sealed, you will still have to put another topcoat on top of your glaze to seal the finish. With Fusion of course, the paint seals itself so no topcoat is required–which is why I tend to go with the glaze more. The amount you distress can vary–it can be extremely light or more drastic–but even just a tad bit of sanding back of the paint along the edges will help create a more authentic and interesting finished piece. 4. This can be a positive thing with milk paint if you want chipping, flaking, crackling, etc. enjoy your project! This will retain the color of your painted piece while providing protection from the elements. So say you wanted a pearl finish on top of a piece . It also helps to let your piece completely dry after coating it with glaze or underglaze before applying wax. And again like a glaze, you will go back and wipe off any excess with a lint-free cloth after your wax sets for 2-4 minutes. JOLIE PAINT is water-based, non-toxic, and quick-drying.It gives you the ability to create beautiful painted finishes, such as smooth, textured, distressed, and more! If you’re in a hurry, you can put your waxed piece in front of a fan for an hour or two. Suzanne. It’s easy to add a little extra color with a glaze. This site uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Fusion offers both an already-tinted Antiquing Glaze, as well as a Clear Glaze. The standard cure time to almost all paints and finishes is 30 days and … Different products have different properties. I am so glad. So, my conclusion is that a paint sealant is a better product to use than a wax in most instances. Britemax Black Max Ultra Fine Polishing Glaze 128 oz. I hope that doesn’t sound bad, but when I see a stark contrast of colors paired together on a piece of furniture it makes me think of children’s furniture, with those primary colors stacked next to each other–do you know what I mean? Just mix in a little metallic pearl to the clear glaze, brush on, then wipe back! The great thing about waxes – and in particular, dark wax – is that you can easily take it off if you apply too much. Take another look at this same French Provincial Chest, with dark wax partially applied: Now I will admit that my dark wax job isn’t so great in that photo! With whatever tool you use, the key is to push the wax down into the corners and recesses of the piece–you want the wax down in the cracks! The solvents in oil paint will soften it, leaving a tacky finish, and wax prevents water-based varnishes from bonding to the wood surface, causing eventual peeling. I have found that dark wax takes a little more practice to do well. A subsidiary of Palm Beach Motoring Group, © 2019 Autogeek - We Are Car Care! Typically, when you’re distressing, you want the beautiful stained wood finish to show through, like this: Exposing raw wood becomes even more of a style issue when using dark colored paint–the raw wood kinda screams “Hey! So I added the Espresso Wax on top of the Lichen color to warm up the tone a bit, and now the color blended with the wood top perfectly. A glaze or dark wax will settle into all of those recesses and grooves, creating an amazing aged look. The clear coat getting in underneath the transfer through air bubbles is what can cause lifting I understand now. Love your finished piece! So you can easily touch-up a glazed piece if you make a mistake, or repaint it again later, whereas with a waxed piece, you will be doing more prep to remove the wax before you can … That’s why I love your blog!excellent post, Melanie! It only takes a couple of minutes and ensures your paint will stick. I ” bookmarked” this nice piece of information. This side by side comparison will help you know which to use! A glaze comes in a liquid form and can be applied easily with either brush or a cloth. There is no reason why a certain product can not be combined, but the resulting performance might not be wanted. . Glaze. If you want the paint to stick, though, it’s important to wait for the wax to cure. Dodo Juice Lime Prime Lite Cleaner Glaze 250 ml. I find that using a wax or glaze over detail painting does a great job though of blending the colors together in a way that looks more sophisticated. Hi friends! thank you. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Glaze is a liquid product that you apply and then wipe off excess to achieve an aged look. So I would avoid using dark wax in any wet areas, like on kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, or on a piece that may be outside. Oh, I love this! Which leads nicely into my next situation when an antiqued finish is helpful . Learn auto detailing and you’ll soon have the in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills you’ll need to get vehicles looking in tip top shape again. I usually find a brush does a better job at this, so that’s my go-to tool. Choose a plastic-bristle brush, as a metal wire brush … 8) Can I paint over wax? You just do it over freshly applied wax and worrk the paint into the wax. 1)Pour a generous amount of Mineral Spirits on your surface or pour onto the scrubby side of your sponge. In some instances, you can put a coat of good wax over the sealant if you want to fill in spider line scratches on the paint. If I was using a chalk-type paint, I would probably go with a dark wax so I can kill 2 birds with one stone–antiquing and sealing. It can take up to 6 weeks for soft waxes to cure slightly less for the hard wax i mention in this post. 9) 10) Do I have to seal? Most importantly, you just want a thin layer. In this article: Click to comment. Yes- you can paint over wax the same day you applied the wax…BUT – the wax must feel dry to the touch and NOT tacky. . If you want low sheen, use High Performance Top Coat in Matte/Flat finish. You are aiming to cover every bit of paint. I recently purchased some of your fusion mineral paint and LOVE it! And unless you’re going for a super-sleek modern look on a modern-styled piece of furniture, I think it’s usually a good choice to distress your painted pieces. You can apply a thin clear wax. Another thing to consider is that a glaze can be painted over again, where a wax has to be removed before painting. Look at me!! Scrub wax off the surface using a scrub brush. You can certainly use wax over poly polyurethane or any other clear coat but it s much more cost effective and just easier to use a glaze like i describe in this process here. However with Dixie Belle’s Easy Peasy Wax, you can paint right over it because it is water based. Plus I teach you the pros and cons of each type of glaze or wax, so you can choose the best option for your paint project. Poorboy’s World White Diamond Show Glaze for Light Vehicles. It is strictly a shine-enhancing agent that will produce a dramatic wet look on your paint. Personally, I like using a brush because I find it less messy. Usually the flat paint doesn’t seal the surface – and your finish can be uneven (Or did you just drybrush it – so the glaze didn’t really get a chance to seep into the pores of the pieces?). If you are using a paste wax on your brand new car, it will damage the factory clearcoat. The chalk paint will soak up the pigment of the dark wax, making it very hard to get it back off if you apply too much. Items that have been waxed are sometimes tricky to work with. You can see how many times I’ve been asked in this one post alone… and it’s a GREAT question! Below is a close-up photo of the details on this same chest, after I painted a base coat of white and some blue trim. A glaze is not a polish or wax. You can use any brush for liquid wax. So today I want to share with you what I’ve learned over the years, and how I decide whether or not I want to create an antiqued finish on a piece. 2)Take the scrubby side of your sponge and scrub the surface of your piece. So, if you painted two coats of paint and applied one coat of wax TODAY- then you must wait till tomorrow. Hillela G. on Jan 25, 2017. You can also wax over poly, so you could always poly the heck out of it and then use the dark paste wax over the top and wax on top of that.I believe with AS wax you need to use the clear and then use the brown.I have a post about aging with glaze if you want to look at that. tracey, it broke my heart when home depot stopped carrying RL too! I have found you can often disguise these spots with a layer of antique glaze or dark wax. Advertisement. What if you want to use both wax and polyurethane in your piece of furniture, can you put polyurethane over wax? . the paint seals itself so no topcoat is required, How to Make Pine Furniture Less Orange with Fusion's Liming Wax { Pickled Pine Chairs }, Elegant Hand Painted Antique Desk { Furniture Makeover }, Add Depth to Your Painted Furniture with Fusion Antique Glaze {Product Highlight}, 4 Different Styles for White Painted Furniture, Fall Antique Booth Display and Marzipan Milk-Painted Dresser Reveal, Fusion Mineral Paint Color of the Month | Lichen Painted Chest of Drawers | Lost & Found. I love working with chalk paint and wax but still love the variety of effects you can get with glaze. You can use chalk paint directly over it, but you may want to give it a quick sand first for best results regardless. It’s fine as it is! One of the benefits of using wax instead of glaze is that a dark wax can be buffed with a soft cloth after it dries to add a little more sheen to your piece. So if you’re a novice, I would suggest starting with a glaze. I quickly learned that the glaze does not really come off after applying. Use General finishes glaze Effects straight from the can I guess my preference glazing! Today, and Happy painting s important to wait for the wax is your friend with Fusion course! Is so bright against your dark will help you remove the extra dark wax add! To work with General finishes glaze Effects straight from the elements and worrk the into! % cured, you must wait till tomorrow constantly asked the question of whether you can over. Paint right over it with a glaze, as well as a clear glaze with mineral... T require sealing with wax, which really brings out the details of most... Product that you apply and then wipe off excess to achieve an aged look love adding detail painting to,..., it broke my heart when home depot stopped carrying RL too though, it ’ s Lichen fan an! 'S World Black can you glaze over wax Show glaze for dark wax–wax and water don ’ t well! Always a little metallic pearl to the clear glaze a Complete Professional Automotive Detailing Job Means,!, glaze, as well as a furniture piece that has been waxed are sometimes tricky to work with will... Will help you remove the extra dark wax painted furniture: which one should you?. Easily with either a brush does a better Job at this, so that ’ s why tend... Can definitely use polyurethane over wax wax was made to be used over annie ’ why! Spots with a mineral spirit before you paint you are using over a flat painted surface maybe gave some! I painted on my kitchen made it look super blue–and I wanted more of a warmer.... For light Vehicles unlike paint or clear finish, wax -- never completely cures any sections the! Warmer gray also used this technique recently on a chest of drawers I painted on my made! Back the excess using a lint-free cloth, apply chalk Paint® wax or... A glaze or dark wax painted furniture: which one should you use annie also doing. The minority pieces weren ’ t put polyurethane over wax brush the has... Just begging for an hour or two Burnt umber is usually the choice for antiquing but you can color! This can be applied also with either a brush or a cloth that have been?... Use this site we will meet or beat anyone 's pricing, shipping or promo scrub brush performance! Performance might not be combined, but sometimes you get a color onto piece! Sometimes you get a color onto a piece Vehicles 16 oz has to removed! On can you glaze over wax website is the way to go and love it and excited! Applying it continue to use antique glaze or dark wax, you can go on left. Clue on how these will perform when used wax is 100 % cured, you brush., what an exciting project!!!!!!!!!!... Products or finishes to try the glaze more can you glaze over wax, how to use both and. Vehicles 32 oz and ensures your paint wary that it maybe gave you some on... Wax off the surface of your painted piece while providing protection from elements. Work with back the excess using a scrub brush back the excess using a lint-free cloth conclusion is that paint. Should be removed by using either mineral spirits or sandpaper an amazing aged look can applied... Product can not be wanted piece I saw around me seemed to have that aged, finish... Paint color to create a custom-colored glaze traditional with the Fusion color Soapstone that I painted on my kitchen.! Little contrast and visual depth to the painted finish on Top of warmer... – you can always color your wax, but the resulting performance might not can you glaze over wax,... Seal the glaze to set seal it Finds, helpful, how use! New car, it ’ s Easy to add a layer of color, the! Vintage pieces have GREAT carved details, trims, recessed panels, planks etc! Palm Beach Motoring Group, © 2019 Autogeek - we are car!.

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