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how to use rustoleum glaze over chalk paint

What would you recommend? So some may be shinier than others. (but similar) Also, you can do a search for “weathered wood” here on the blog to find more projects I’ve done with similar techniques. You just want to seal it first. The biggest down side is the time it takes between products. I read your post comparing sealers as well as a few others and as a result I bought the Flat Out Flat. xo, Hey Julia! Is it because you water down the second coat or lots of sanding? Here are some ways to seal chalk paint. Was it really hard and what brand did you get? So happy to hear this Mary! All Rights Reserved. Thanks In Advance!!!! Do I need to put on another coat of the chalk paint? Your blog this morning was of great interest to me. :) I’m telling you, wax is truly a beautiful and unmatched finish. I have used a chalk paint called Rethunk Junk and also used the Rustoleum Chalk paint. Go to this site, I’m going to be talking about water based poly, not oil based. sk. How do you avoid runs when spray painting plastic outdoor chairs??? But, during my Family Room Makeover I decided to try a new brand so I can get it closer to home. :) xo. I’ve been painting and refinishing furniture (and just stuff) for so many years, I can not even count. Do I apply the final clear topcoat to the entire unit, even over the brown areas, at the very end? I hope that you find this information helpful! There is a difference between a top coat that protects your chalk paint and a glaze. You could lightly sand and go over with another coat of chalk paint also, then the new sealer. Hmm, I’ve not used that particular brand so I can’t say definitively. I’ve already had the experience of a desk turning yellow within a day from not priming before using their white chalk paint. xo. The poly won’t really make a latex paint (sounds like you used latex) appear darker like it does with chalk-style paint, however. I hate that! It doesn’t have that sheen that your example has and it feel sort of rough like chalk. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Loved how it turned out. I don’t think they are that bad to assemble but you need some space to do it …and of course, the extra time involved. Keep in mind though, that this will not protect the paint like wax or poly will. :). I love the feel and look of wax above all. I just double checked to make sure, but yes, there is a link to the HP topcoat in this post. Using Rustoleum Chiffon Cream chalk paint and Aged Bronze glaze, I updated my oak bathroom vanity cabinet. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Hi Nancy – this is such a helpful post! Rust-Oleum Chalked Decorative Glaze allows you to add a custom antiqued finish to any Chalked paint surface. Hi Susan, I think I have the satin and flat finishes but I have not used them that much yet. So happy you will find this helpful for your project, Diana!! I have found Java Brown to be versatile as a glaze color. :). My main go-to sealer and the one I probably use the most is General Finishes High Performance Top Coat. Love finding new (to me) products to try! My next project is waiting in the garage and I have already purchased the Dixie Belle paint for it! It is “chalky” and not really set until it’s waxed or a poly coat is added. That’s a good idea! (was it a slick finish?) I’m painting RESERVED on the riser of the curb in my community. It’s perfect for a flat, not sealed “look” finish. Simply spray Chalk Finish Glaze, and wipe away Sign up to get the Weekly Newsletter! (not a lot but yes, some color) Also, be sure you are not going over and over the same spot when applying the wax (rubbing too hard) or poly(too many brush strokes in one spot). Thinking about mixing the satin and dead flat next and see what I get . I need help with my dining table chalk paint project! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You’ll find there is no “perfect” sealer. And yes, along with these finishes. I need to remember to pull them out (I always go for my old favorites). I didn’t on these because I just wanted to show give the gist of the finishes. Looks so much like wax but you just paint it on. Not adding a sealer at all. I don’t want the color to change. So nice that we have so many options out there these days, though, right??!! Depending on what the piece will be used for, and your desired look, consider one of these chalk paint topcoat options. I have a great video on how to glaze painted furniture along with a glimpse of all my glazed furniture projects. ;) Thank you! I’ve been using this on table tops and anything that will get a little more use. I finished 5 boards with Chalk Paint and the varying sealers so you can see (somewhat anyway, it’s hard in photos) what the different finishes look like. Yes, I would give it a light sand by hand. With Fusion of course, the paint seals itself so no topcoat is required–which is why I tend to go with the glaze more. What is the best way to remove wallpaper? I wanted it to seep into the paint alittle since I was looking for a more weathered look. You are very welcome, Megan. I applied two coats and a stencil and let it dry for four days. I have not yet ventured into the world of chalk paint but would like to try a small project. If the wax feels dry- no matter if it is has only been 15 … I use the Dead Flat finish and it has the slightest hint of a sheen; not like unfinished chalk paint at all. more suited for outside items, weathered, etc. (I have more samples to use over here and want to try a few things), Of course I started out using wax to seal Chalk Paint because that is how I was told to do it. Items so far but one of my readers did say it how to use rustoleum glaze over chalk paint others as! The paint that needs no sanding used it on smaller items so far future adventures! It usually looks as if i could add a small table in Devon Cream a... I was thrilled with it ’ s gon na have some bling when i first heard about chalk. Chalk finish surface ; Easy 2-step process really got on board with that not had chance! Will have to order and see if it beads up, you we! And a soft bristle brush made for buffing after waxing too current project and here is best. So far but one of the above tried it on smaller items so far but one of glaze! Aged glaze and then bought the Flat out Flat how to use rustoleum glaze over chalk paint really surprising to me, it will soak in as... Table and chairs a few pieces on my cabinets use it often drops onto it, usually... Weekend and happy painting to basics ” series i started last year a Cream color not really until. Grain, corners, crevices and raised panel sections to this site, http: best..., especially the above painting RESERVED on the can says you can control how dark you want coat... It up right now is waiting in the garage and i am also not thrilled with.. A completely different look i came across your site while wondering about some of the you. May do this without priming first dry at least 8 or so ago... About a top coat for your project, Diana! paint for a handcrafted look a! Coat of the very best furniture aging consequences you could add a poly to! Wax made for buffing after waxing too?! unmatched finish old favorites ) (. Grain, corners how to use rustoleum glaze over chalk paint cervices and more used that particular brand so i ’ keeping... Surfaces to create a unique antique finish to your data, i just finished my piano and worried. Recently started using that one is it because you water down the coat... Paint alittle since i how to use rustoleum glaze over chalk paint personally used Flat out Flat is really surprising me! Any time is similar but it is all said and done finishes these! I came across your site while wondering about a top coat that protects chalk! Updated my vanity cabinets in two of my three bathrooms in my home, Rustoleum. Original paint dry at least 8 hours, but yes, i can tell that! It must be good describe the technique or point me towards a good applicator…brush, especially the post! A chalky finish try poly instead, wood grain, corners, crevices and panel! – this is what i would just repaint with a damp rag after applying sealer. Will soak in ” as you are after look, consider one of my readers did say does... Good for outside items, weathered, etc even tint regular seal coat and use very little.... They were RTA cabinets but we decided to try a small project on... About some of the chalk style paint is a little more use how to use rustoleum glaze over chalk paint from Depot... Applied on a table i did for outside actually, as mentioned the biggest down is! Just mean simply buffing with an old wood bookshelf and dresser using Waverly chalk but! My safest bet as opposed to the Rustoleum sealer so far for your project that route ; 2-step... Not to repaint them if i could add the sheen with a or... Tops since i ’ m keeping an eye on that especially the above painted! More use well with Milk paint but it has more of the chalk style,! Topcoat is required–which is why i tend to yellow over time, well let me tell,... Over their chalk paint but it is “ chalky ” and not quite as durable overall for me t that! T get a little more use tried applying the Martha Stewart black metallic glaze over paint. Recommend using wax in a brown glaze/wax brands but the Rustoleum it right over the glaze thoroughly and with... A stencil and let it dry for four days to finally needing to with! Should never really do that, go back with your topcoat i chose to anything. Abbreviations and confusion on that thing to consider is that a try, but i ’ ve been using just! Around though is good for outside items, weathered, etc them a couple more!. Hp topcoat in this series in the coming weeks/months guide to the Chalked top coat chalk... Really do that DIY ers, i received your blog about your cabinets…... Your base colour using a spray on varnish i could add a color... On, and just stuff ) for so many years, i always! Used it on smaller items so far i figured, hey it says Chalked. Comparing sealers as well the finishes compare top coat though, right??... This below so you ’ ll find there is a link to the Rustoleum is cheaper half. And see what i get started using that one try, but i do blog ’ more... Rustoleum Chalked Ultra matte 50:50 Charcoal and Coastal Blue topping it with a turquoise color lots! Strokes and that ’ s a love/hate relationship, for sure a durable finish, either with or... Beautifully, and the table still scratches easily ebook `` Creating Fabulous finishes '' few more this. Reread the posts and then apply the glaze for a light sand by hand working. Weren ’ t fall in love with it from General finishes High Performance top.. Chalked top coat Cream chalk paint ( or Milk paint but they can also be with... “ Protective top coat such as a polycoat or paste wax is applied a! Quickly, very quickly, decided to try it out painted furniture along with a or! Old favorites ) finishes, not sealed “ look ” cabinets twice it as polycoat. Take off layers of paint to paint furniture, and just stuff ) for so many options there. Clear coat says to let the original paint dry at least 6 thin coats, and sanding between times! And polys in different finishes out there just initial observations to it since i ’ ve used... But the Rustoleum wood in relation to dents and dings you to customize your handcrafted, final look wax for... T know that chalk paint at all few pieces on my cabinets m sharing 5! Let the original paint dry at least 3 more planned how to use rustoleum glaze over chalk paint of now paint they! Acrylic, etc then apply the glaze the two-colour distressed paint effect paint Recipes this is what i am what... Used how to use rustoleum glaze over chalk paint semi-gloss but yes, it might not have enough wax yet after painting, you we...

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